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How to Make Your Stamp as a Leader

Starting a new leadership position can be an intimidating experience for even the most capable person. The Center for Creative Leadership found that up to 40% of newly promoted managers and executives find themselves without a job within 18 months of being promoted – illustrating that the pressure is on from day one. Leaders will […]

What can the sporting world teach us about leadership?

The current Rugby World Cup may seem like a trivial event, but there is actually a lot that can be learnt in business from the world of sport. Ideas of leadership, teamwork and sharing common goals are prevalent in sport, so leaders can look to the on-going World Cup as a prime example of how […]

Are CEOs becoming more popular culture friendly?

CEOs find themselves having to do a lot of work in the public eye during their day to day life, but how often do you find them being interviewed on television? Not very often. More inclined to speak to the newspaper and magazine press, CEOs often shy away from the camera by taking the attitude […]