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Rising up: Plan your next career move in the right way

There comes a time in the career of many executives and senior managers when it becomes clear that the moment has come to take that next step up the ladder. But with hiring intentions and employment at its highest levels since 1971 in the UK, competitions for senior roles is at its most intense. Here […]

TWO working days lost each week to the daily commute

We Brits are known for our long working hours culture, but now it seems we’re not only spending more time in the office than any of our European colleagues we’re also spending a lot more time actually getting to and from the workplace every day. A report published today by the TUC has revealed that […]

UK workers change jobs at least SIX times during their career

New research has revealed that the average UK worker will work more than 9,000 unpaid extra hours throughout their career, changing jobs at least six times and receive up to nine pay rises throughout their professional life. The report, published by the Association of Accounting Technicians (AAT), also found that the average adult will earn […]

How to recruit your next CFO

The role of the chief financial officer (CFO) has evolved over the last few years. Once considered the chief bean counter within the organisation, today’s CFO is becoming more operational, systems focused and one of the most important and senior people after the CEO. Organisations have fallen under increasing scrutiny since the recession – not […]