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Why Businesses Need a Succession Plan

Growing a great business take years, if not decades of intense strategic planning and effort. Yet many businesses today are seemingly reluctant to consider their long-term future – something which has been illustrated in a recent study by the National Association of Corporate Directors, which has found that just 1 in 3 US companies have […]

Why CEOs need to take a break

With recent reports stating that the BMW CEO Harald Krüger fainted during a German motor show, questions are being raised about the nature of high-end executive work. On the face of it, CEO’s live quite a good life – good salary, mainstream attention, the power to lead a company in new and exciting ways…but what […]

The Importance of Humility in Leadership

A few weeks ago, Jimmy Carter, the former President of the United States announced that he had been diagnosed with cancer of the liver which had spread to parts of his brain. Carter, 90, who left the White House 34 years ago in 1981 – said that he was preparing for anything “that comes” and […]

United Airlines CEO ousted after federal investigation

Abrupt management changes are never beneficial in the business world and no one knows this better than United Airlines this week.  The global service, one of the largest of its kind in the world, now finds itself without CEO Jeff Smisek who was forced to resign Tuesday afternoon due to accusations of corruption. But what […]

Leaders Should Seek and Listen to Advice

Should leaders be looking to ask for advice in the workplace? That is question which has been put to business leaders for generations, and has seen a variety of responses. A long held stereotype is that senior leaders are often reluctant individuals who rarely look to colleagues for advice out of fear of looking incompetent […]

Positive Leaders = The Best Leaders?

When we think of business leaders who have successfully played their part in building worldwide enterprises, we tend to think of people who are extremely smart, decisive and driven in their work. These are attributes you could easily relate to the likes of Bill Gates, Larry Page and Steve Jobs – three innovative leaders who […]

5 key things managers should avoid

Great leadership is as much about what not to do, as it is about what to do. Here are 5 key things to avoid: Micromanaging Micromanagement is an out-dated an ineffective style of leadership centred on closely observing and controlling everything that employees do. Many business leaders use it as a way of ensuring that […]

Ed Woodward and the Pressure of Leading Manchester United

Since succeeding the outgoing David Gill in the summer of 2013, Ed Woodward has endured a difficult time as executive vice-chairman of Manchester United football club. Woodward, 43, has been under intense scrutiny for failing to seal transfer deals for a number of acclaimed international players including Real Madrid’s Sergio Ramos, and Pedro Rodriguez, formerly […]

Businesses struggling to fill management positions

Despite a growth in managerial job postings over the past year, there has been a significant drop in the number of applications for board-level jobs. With applicants in a post-recession era able to be more selective, recruiters must change their hiring methods if they want to tackle the continuing skills shortage within the industry. Data […]