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How do you deal with a sudden CEO change?

It’s something that no one wishes to happen, but unfortunately it’s something that has to be prepared for. The recent death of Nintendo Chief Executive and brainchild of the Wii console system, Satoru Iwata, sent shockwaves through the company and the video games industry as a whole. But what does a company do if their […]

Are young female leaders the key to future business success?

We’ve spoken recently about how businesses need to plan their next CEOs in advance, and that opinion still holds strong. The recent turmoil at FIFA, Twitter and Reddit, with all three seeing major management upheavals, just goes to show that the need to find great talent is at an all-time high. Young professionals in business, […]

The CBI appoint first-ever female director general

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has recently made history, appointing Carolyn Fairbairn to be their first ever female director general in a move to better represent both small and large UK businesses in the EU. Fairbairn, who has held top strategic roles at the BBC and ITV, will replace current director general John Cridland […]

Is poor leadership becoming all too common?

Despite the fact that there is a wealth of executive talent within the business industry, there appears to be a concerning trend of people without the skills and expertise being required to fulfill leadership roles. With major management upheavals at international organisations such as FIFA and the BBC over the past few years, is poor […]

More women needed at senior level in Tech sector

A recent survey by London Tech Advocate has found that almost a quarter of London tech companies do not employ any women at a board level. Over a third of the survey’s 1,600 respondents (39%) said that they worked in a company where women hold less than a fifth of senior roles and 15% had […]

Is it time the NHS had a leadership shake up?

The NHS is quite simply huge. It is the UK and Europe’s biggest single employer and the fifth largest organisation in world. Responsible for the healthcare of over 64 million people, and with an annual budget of more than £100 billion, it goes without saying that its leadership is of great importance. Despite this, the […]

Andy Burnham frontrunner in Labour leadership race

Andy Burnham emerged as the clear favourite for the Labour leadership as nominations for the candidacy opened Tuesday night. The Shadow Health Secretary has received the greatest support from Labour MPs to become the party’s next leader, with 55 backers so far. The contest is shaping up to be a three-way fight between Andy Burnham, […]