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TWO working days lost each week to the daily commute

We Brits are known for our long working hours culture, but now it seems we’re not only spending more time in the office than any of our European colleagues we’re also spending a lot more time actually getting to and from the workplace every day. A report published today by the TUC has revealed that […]

What can the sporting world teach us about leadership?

The current Rugby World Cup may seem like a trivial event, but there is actually a lot that can be learnt in business from the world of sport. Ideas of leadership, teamwork and sharing common goals are prevalent in sport, so leaders can look to the on-going World Cup as a prime example of how […]

Is it time to reinvent Ralph Lauren?

With the recent announcement that Ralph Lauren is stepping down from his eponymous company after nearly 50 years at the helm, employees, stockholders and the general public will be looking at the international brand with interest to see where the future takes the company. But will this change mean a continuation of what has made […]

Why CEOs need to take a break

With recent reports stating that the BMW CEO Harald Krüger fainted during a German motor show, questions are being raised about the nature of high-end executive work. On the face of it, CEO’s live quite a good life – good salary, mainstream attention, the power to lead a company in new and exciting ways…but what […]

United Airlines CEO ousted after federal investigation

Abrupt management changes are never beneficial in the business world and no one knows this better than United Airlines this week.  The global service, one of the largest of its kind in the world, now finds itself without CEO Jeff Smisek who was forced to resign Tuesday afternoon due to accusations of corruption. But what […]

5 key things managers should avoid

Great leadership is as much about what not to do, as it is about what to do. Here are 5 key things to avoid: Micromanaging Micromanagement is an out-dated an ineffective style of leadership centred on closely observing and controlling everything that employees do. Many business leaders use it as a way of ensuring that […]

Businesses struggling to fill management positions

Despite a growth in managerial job postings over the past year, there has been a significant drop in the number of applications for board-level jobs. With applicants in a post-recession era able to be more selective, recruiters must change their hiring methods if they want to tackle the continuing skills shortage within the industry. Data […]

Google management shuffle may lead to identity crisis

Google announced earlier this week that it will start a major company shuffle which will lead to a new CEO and parent company named Alphabet. The internet giant, which was founded in 1998 by Larry Page and Sergey Brin will now be working under the Alphabet banner and will consequently need clear boundaries about what […]