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To lead a business you need to lead yourself

When discussing great leaders in prior blogs, we’ve noted the likes of Richard Branson and Satoru Iwata, the kind of people who have earned the respect of their peers and staff through honest and innovative leadership. However, in figuring out the best strategy to lead their workforce, many bosses fail to keep tabs on their […]

Upskill or hire: What’s the best way to improve staffing?

Leaders of growing businesses will face staffing dilemmas early on in their managerial career. After all, for a company to increase its profits and client base, they first need to invest in their staff. But at the thrifty beginnings of a venture, many owners will be reluctant to splash out on new recruits – that’s […]

Labour leadership vacuum has led to disarray

It was only a few months ago that the Labour party looked set to take control of 10 Downing Street after a five year absence. Since then, divisive leader Ed Miliband has stepped down, whilst Ed Balls and Douglas Alexander lost their seats in surprising constituency results that foreshadowed the eventual Conservative win. What has […]

Is humble leadership best for a business’s reputation?

It’s largely expected that a leader will be an extremely well off individual, wearing expensive clothing, living in a lavish mansion and so on. However, there are a select group of leaders that don’t follow this mould, instead opting to live like the people they lead. But does this approach really help their reputation? There […]

Nature or nurture: Can leadership be taught?

Everyone has an assumption of what a good ‘leader’ is – confident, highly visible and innovative. But these desirable traits are not easy to come by for anyone in the business world, which leads to the question: can these traits be learned or are leaders simply born with them? There’s no doubt that some people […]

How do you deal with a sudden CEO change?

It’s something that no one wishes to happen, but unfortunately it’s something that has to be prepared for. The recent death of Nintendo Chief Executive and brainchild of the Wii console system, Satoru Iwata, sent shockwaves through the company and the video games industry as a whole. But what does a company do if their […]

Are young female leaders the key to future business success?

We’ve spoken recently about how businesses need to plan their next CEOs in advance, and that opinion still holds strong. The recent turmoil at FIFA, Twitter and Reddit, with all three seeing major management upheavals, just goes to show that the need to find great talent is at an all-time high. Young professionals in business, […]

The CBI appoint first-ever female director general

The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) has recently made history, appointing Carolyn Fairbairn to be their first ever female director general in a move to better represent both small and large UK businesses in the EU. Fairbairn, who has held top strategic roles at the BBC and ITV, will replace current director general John Cridland […]