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Have you considered a career as an Interim Manager?

‘Cost reduction’, ‘operational efficiency’ and ‘yield management’ are just some of the terms that have become all too commonplace among organisations in recent years. Hangovers from the recession they may be, yet they continue to dominate HR policy.

With organisations vying to gain that all-important edge in today’s uber competitive global marketplace, sustainable recruitment practices have ensured that Interim Managers remain in high demand – and there’s no slowdown in sight.

So have you considered a career as an Interim Manager? Here are just some of the reasons that could tempt you.

1. Demand is high

The latest available figures show that demand for interim managers has risen by 48%, up from 45% in 2014 and edging closer to the pre-recession high of 50%. The greatest demand currently comes from the Finance, Pharmaceutical and Tech sectors.

2. Excellent rates of pay

Pay rates for Interim Managers is also on the up, rising by 11% over the last five years. Unsurprisingly, the highest rates of pay are to be found in leadership and board roles who are paid £858 per day, whilst general managers typically average £827 per day, followed by interim auditors and IT specialists who each command day rates of £785 and £778 respectively.

3. Never too old

It would seem that experience still counts for most employers, with 1 in 2 (50%) of all interims being in their 50s and as many as 29% aged 60 or over. Interims in their 40s currently make up 20% of the cohort yet although they may be fewer in number they do tend to command higher salaries.

4. Add more strings to your bow

Even if you have spent the best part of your career working in one sector, opportunities are not limited exclusively to just one field. Organisations are increasingly looking to attract professionals from other sectors with transferrable skills who can provide a fresh perspective and approach to overcoming some of the challenges they face.

5. Become immune to office politics

Office politics and backbiting colleagues can have a significant impact on an organisations workforce, and you can’t ignore them. However, although there may be some restrictions on how you operate, as an Interim Manager the long-term effects won’t affect you as much on a personal level. Which can be a huge relief!

If you’re looking for an Interim role right now, take a look at some of the key assignments we’re currently working on.

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