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What will Anna Soubry’s new role mean for businesses?

Back in May Conservative MP Anna Soubry was appointed as the UK’s first ever minister for small businesses – but what will the Broxtowe MP’s involvement mean for small business owners in the UK? Soubry – whose background is diverse to say the least – will be tasked to back up PM David Cameron’s election […]

How do great leaders inspire action?

What makes a good leader? It’s that age-old question. There are plenty of management theorists out there, all offering their advice on the perfect model, but few resonate with business leaders as much as leadership expert and renowned public speaker, Simon Sinek. To date, Simon Sinek has delivered one of the most watched TED talks, […]

FIFA crisis demonstrates the value of honest management

by Paul Coleclough The latest management crisis in FIFA has amplified yet again the importance of strong leadership if companies wish to succeed. With the recent resignation of Sepp Blatter, after his controversial 17 year tenure as president, FIFA will now have to look for a long term restructure to regain stability and the trust […]

How do you engage Gen Y workers?

Generation Y or ‘millennial’s’ is a term you see more and more in recruitment. Reason being is that they are now the generation entering and or rising up in the world of work. An excellent candidate is an excellent candidate, the same way a great song is a great song, but rather than being a […]